Marine Lance Corporal Steven Schulz
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06/10/2008 - NEWS! - Groundbreaking on Steven's new home! More to follow soon!

05/30/2008 - NEW NEWS! - HelpingaHero.org, Perry Homes & West Ranch will be having a groundbreaking in June for Steven's new home! Things are moving along for Steven! Watch here for more news soon!

12/05/2007 - NEWS! - The Rotary Club of Houston is building Steven a house! This is fantastic news for Steven and his family as their current home is not friendly to a disabled person. See the presentation ceremony video here for more information. We will be updating this page soon with details!

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This site is dedicated to Friendswood resident Lance Corporal Steven Schulz (ret). It details how Steven's family, friends, the local community and people from all over the country banded together with one goal. And that was to put a smile on the face of an American hero. An American hero, an American fighter.

Steven loved driving before he was injured but he could no longer drive due to his injuries. So when we heard he enjoyed driving a friends golf cart we got together and we found something fitting for our American hero. We found something he could "roll" on. And on Christimas eve 2006 we presented Steven with his own customized golf cart. Styled after his own Subaru that he loves so much. Steven calls the cart "His Sexy Power Wagon".

Steven did smile for us on that Christmas eve and he continues to smile. And he continues to roll. And he continues to fight. And he is an inspiration to all of us.

On December 1st friend loaned Steven a recumbent trike. In the Independence Ride for disabled veterans in Wallis, Texas Steven completed several miles.
Not bad for a young man who some thought would never stand or walk again. Steven
fight continues and will for the rest of his life. As the saying about warriors
goes, "Some give with their lives, some give for the rest of their lives". For
updates on Steven scroll down to the bottom of the page

Links to media Stories:

KHOU TV - Cart presented to Steven!!!!

Galveston Daily News!


Some Pictures - X-mas Eve - 2006

Friendswood Journal

On behalf of McRee Subaru and The Friends of Steven Schulz, thank you to all that have helped and supported this Golf Cart Fund!! We have succeeded in our goal due to so many wonderful caring people all across the country! God Bless you all, and we wish you a Very Merry and Safe Holiday Season! Keep checking back for updates at the bottom of this page.

Most Sincerely,
Barry Waxman

Please don't stop supporting the injured and fallen men and women of our military and their families. If you are looking for a solid organization that continually impacts the lives of our Veterans and their families, please click below for more info to help.

Friendswood Marine Lance Corporal Steven Schulz was five months into his second tour in Iraq when he was seriously injured outside of Fallujah in April of 2005 when a bomb exploded. Surgeons removed part of Steven's skull to operate and relieve part of the swelling. Part of Steven's skull was put in his abdomen for nearly half a year until surgeons chose a plastic skull cap during an 11 hour surgery. Steven has undergone over a dozen surgeries since his serious injury. Here Steven receives the Purple Heart.

According to Steven's mother, Debbie Schulz, Steven's passion for cars (and girls) is as strong as ever. Steven wanted to race cars but is no longer able to drive due to his injuries. But recently his father, Steven Sr., found that the young Marine could operate a golf cart and really enjoyed being able to drive again. The purpose of this site is to raise the money necessary to give Steven a Christmas present:

A tricked out, customized, unique whip of a golf cart!

Steven loved his Subaru WRX and we have an opportunity to purchase for Steven a Subaru powered golf cart that is already customized like the Subaru race cars. It's even the same basic color as the car Steven used to own and drive prior to his injuries. Here is an old picture of Steve and his car prior to his injury. We were very lucky to find this special golf cart in Florida. It was transported from Florida to Texas without charge by a Vietnam Vet who wants to remain anonymous. We were able to arrange to get the cart here so people can see it. Thanks to the help of some of the folks listed below.

All extra money that exceeds the pure cost of the golf cart and trailer/safety accessories will be directed to The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund. We have been told by Steven's father that this group was the first one at Steven's bedside to help. We have looked at this group and reviewed their IRS 990 filings and as Mr. Schulz indicated, they are a fantastic organization!

Thank you!

The Friends of Marine Lance Corporal Steven Schulz

Please Sign the Guestbook!! Please Read the Guestbook!! Steven will have full access to this site. We would like to show him how many folks care.

You can find news stories about Marine Lance Corporal Schulz here:


Special thanks to these companies and people for their support and donations of money or goods and services:

Jim and Cherie Flores
Car Toys- Friendswood, TX
McRee Subaru
Apex Vinyl
Eddy Mercer and EZ-GO Pensacola
Subaru of America-SCR
Gulf Coast Golf Carts
Samson Custom Homes, Inc
Engine Logics Inc
Bay Area Accessories
Brian Klock
Ralph White Merchandising, Inc
The Horecky Family - Friendswood
Bear Advertising
Chief Robert B. Wieners
Vermont Sports Car Subaru Rally Team
DC Shoes
Mid-Atlantic Trading Inc
Patriot Guard Riders
Taste of Texas

* Click here for the complete list of all the wonderful people and companies that have helped!

This benefit for Marine Lance Corporal Steven Schulz was started on December 5, 2006. We thank Pledge Page for providing a great site for this fund raiser.


12/12/2006 - THANK YOU! It appears that from pledges and donations we have enough money to purchase the golf cart and possibly a light duty trailer. We are changing the final day for pledges and donations to 12/20/2006 from 12/24/2006.

We chatted with Steven's father this morning. Mr. Schulz and his wife Debbie are working on getting a personal care attendant for Steven. The family has been caring for Steven 365/24/7 with most of the burden on Steven's mother Debbie who left her job to care for Steven. Hopefully, a personal care attendant will give Mr. and Mrs. Schulz a little breather.

On January 17,2007 Steven will have a "Baclofen Pump" implanted. Baclofen is a drug that helps to reduce the spastic muscles on the left side of Steven's body. It will be implanted into Steven's abdomen with tubes (under his skin) that will be inserted into his spine. Immediate rehab is required (in-patient) for about two weeks after the surgery. The surgery has been approved by the insurance carrier but at this time the Schulz family is unsure if the rehab will be covered. The pump will remain in Steven for the rest of his life, refilled by injection every two-three months and completely replaced every five years.

To date Steven's medical file is over 4,000 pages long.

We'd like to thank all the wonderful people that have stepped up to help out. Some of the companies that have helped out are listed above.

We have had special graphics for the cart donated, a carbon fiber dash for the new stereo donated, the stereo/speakers/installation was donated and also a trailer hitch and wiring has been donated.

Over the last few days we have seen some magical things happen.

12/16/2006 - Thank you Car Toys! Car Toys at 101 W. EL Dorado, Ste. B. has donated equipment and labor. They installed the carbon fiber dash, a remote controlled stereo system with Alpine Speakers, added under dash lighting. Special thanks to Rocky, Matt and the gang and to Mark who did the installation. Mark even made a custom piece for the steering wheel modeled after the Marine Corp. emblem!

12/19/2006 - We should have a new trailer soon and work is being done to add a racing harness that has been donated for the cart. So that we are sure Steven is secure when he drives the cart.

12/20/2006 - Goodies from both the Vermont Sportscar Rally Team and DC Shoes will be sure to improve visibility and style for Steven and his Rally Cart. Thanks Clint Fast and Christian Edstrom from Vermont Sportscar, as well as the folks at DC Shoes for your generous donations!!

12/21/2006 - We received the 'Cherry on the Cake' from Mid-Atlantic Trading. They provide all the safety equipment for the Vermont Sportscar Rally Teams. Thanks to Rick Valnoski for making sure Steven will be safe and secure in his Rally Cart with the Sparco harness and other goodies!!

02/08/2007 - Via email from Steven's father - Steven has had his Baclofen Pump surgery and as expected is extremely weak on his left side with the spastic no longer controlling. He has to wait about 6 weeks before his inpatient rehab. We just found out today that he will eye surgery on March 30 in another attempt to relieve the pressure in his right eye. He has glaucoma in his right eye where the shrapnel entered.

Steven is in good spirits and keeps his Mom on the move. The Golf Cart has been seen by the multitudes. With the weather and his surgery it has not been out much, but later in the spring and summer I’m sure it will be the “Babe Magnet” as Steven expects.

03/06/2007 - SPECIAL NOTE - Are we doing enough for veterans like Steven who have suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TMI) or other injury that will be with them for the rest of their lives? Do we owe men and women like Steven who will need special care for the rest of their lives the finest care available? Do we owe the families caring for a soldier with TMI and other serious injuries flexible programs that can be modified and tailored to fit the families needs?

Most Americans would likely agree that the answer to these questions must be yes. Unfortunately it appears we are not doing enough for our injured soldiers and their families. Why not?

Recent events you may have seen in the media have brought new focus to questions regarding the care our injured soldiers are receiving. But this is not news to some of us that know what Steven and his family have been through. More to follow..

04/02/2007 - MEDICAL UPDATE - Steven had surgery on his right eye that shrapnel had entered when Steven was injured. The surgery went as planned. High-pressure (Glaucoma) is continuing to cause the problem. Steven has no vision out of the eye but saving it could reduce complications with the other eye.

04/02/2007 - BENEFITS UPDATE - The VA is increasing Steven's benefits. This will ease the burden on the Steven and his family somewhat. We have heard that at the very highest level of government that more funding is going to be made available for the severely injured and their families.

April to July 2007 - The VA instituted a rehab program for Steven. The therapy included physical, occupational, recreational and various other therapies. During this time frame, Steven was evaluated for an electronic Walk-Aid for his left leg. The trial went well and he started using it in May. This unit is attached to Steven’s left leg with a Velcro strap and fires muscles in his leg that supports the ankle and foot while walking.

July 2007- November 1, 2007-
Steven entered the Transitional Learning Center (TLC) in Galveston as an inpatient. This facility works specifically with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) patients who have suffered strokes, been injured in vehicle accidents and other forms of disease or injury. Steven is there during the week and comes home most weekends. He has made some great strides on a physical level. He is now walking around the facility on his own. He uses his “stick” and wears a helmet (thank goodness). He has taken a couple of falls, but we are told that is part of learning to walk again.

When Steven first arrived at TLC he had a roommate and lived on a floor similar to a dorm. For the last month or so, he has been in an apartment by himself and takes care of most of his daily needs on his own.

Just recently, Steven found that he is able to propel himself on a 3-wheel bike. His left leg and arm have to be tied to the handle bars and pedal, but he has gone up to 8 city blocks on his own power.

These are remarkable feats for Steven! Remember that in October of 2005 he could barley hold his head up, move nothing on his left side, force himself to smile, had to have help in all parts of daily living and rarely made eye contact. He has come a long way since the doctor’s told us he would never be able to move his left arm and leg. Steven has worked very hard and has never given up. His mother Debbie and the rest of his family has supported and taken care of Steven and is dedicated to making his life as normal as possible.

Steven is now a 23 year-old young man that has plans for the future. He wants to get married, have kids, attend college and have a home of his own. We have no doubt that Steven will achieve all he sets his mind to.

Steven will be taking the cart as a support vehicle to a The Independence Bike Ride on December 1. He will be cycling part of the way and using the cart when he needs to. The bike ride is going to cover 40 miles. We will let you know how far Steven makes it on the bike. Nothing really surprises us anymore about Steven’s progress. He has truly been blessed.

** This was emailed to us by Steven's father on November 1st - Steven and His Mom, Debbie will be attending a fund raiser sponsored by the Bob Woodruff Family Fund in N.Y. on November 7th. This group has helped us get in front of the VA and others in Washington to help bring awareness to wounded veterans with Traumatic Brian Injury. Here is a link to the function,


12/01/2007 - Here is an update via email from Steven's father - I thought I should get you an update on Steven. Steven has completed his scheduled rehab at TLC in Galveston. He has come quite a ways both physically and mentally. As an example, the attached picture is from this last Saturday at The Independence Ride in Wallis, Texas. Steven borrowed a recumbent trike and was able to complete 5 miles of the course. Unbelievable!! We took the “Sexy power Wagon II” with us and everyone was thoroughly impressed with Steven’s ride! To say the least we are having the VA look into providing him with a trike.

The first of the year will bring more rehab at TIRR and then starting in February, 3-4 weeks at The University of Alabama-Taub Clinic for real intense therapy for his left leg. Happy Holidays to all from the Schulz’s.

03/25/2008 - Update From Steven's father - Steven and his mom have returned from the University of Alabama's Taub Clinic after 21 days if intense therapy on Steven's right leg. progress was
made, but now a daily routine of exercises and stretches are required in order for Steven to retain his gains. A therapy table (built by dad) is now in Steven's bedroom to make it easier t accomplish these needs on a daily basis.

Last Saturday, Steven and his family along with other wounded veterans
participated in a series of events prompted by Rodeo Houston. The 11-hour day
included a luncheon, poultry auction, meeting with Brookes & Dunn and of course
the rodeo. Steven's stamina is building slowly but surely! Steven, his brother
Clay and his mom are leaving this weekend for the Winter Sports Clinic in
Colorado. This is an annual event sponsored and paid for by donors from around
the country and from Steamboat Springs. Steven will ski while sitting in a
specially designed chair while accompanied by two other skiers. This event has
become quite popular and draws over 100 severely wounded veterans. The
VA has a part in this event.

We have very little news on the house for Steven at this time. Complications may
force Steven to move from Friendswood to another city. We are doing what we can
to keep him in Friendswood and will let everyone know the status as things
progress. The best to all!

04/11/2008- Steven attended the 22nd National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic.

04/11/2008- Steven celebrates his third "Alive-Day".

Here is a letter from his father:


As many of you know, the Schulz Family changed forever on April 19, 2005. Steven, our oldest son was the vehicle commander of a USMC Humvee that was hit by an IED that day in Iraq. He was in the front passenger seat on a patrol the unit had done countless times before, but this time insurgents had hidden a string of 50 or more improvised explosive devices. Thankfully, only one detonated, otherwise the casualties would have been much more extensive. As it was, the one that exploded propelled shrapnel and concussive forces through the unprotected passenger window, Steven’s window, propelling shrapnel into Steven’s brain and right eye. Steven yelled his eye hurt, barked some orders, and then slumped forward. The shrapnel had found his main cerebral artery. Steven was med-evacuated to the field surgical hospital in Balad, Iraq, where the first of 6 brain surgeries would be performed. His right side skull was removed and implanted in his abdomen with the hope that he would stabilize enough to be moved stateside. He was moved to National Navel Medical Center, Bethesda, MD within 72 hours. The family arrived in Bethesda April 22, 2005. Thus began the journey that has dominated our lives since that time. We are just beginning to come to terms with the “new normal.”

It has been 3 years since we received the fateful phone telling us that Steven had sustained a “very serious injury”. The injury resulted in a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). That was the start of a very fast learning curve that has taught us much about ourselves and truly tested our faith and endurance.

Enough of the past and looking at the future! This Saturday we celebrate Steven’s “Alive-Day”. We look at April 19 of every year as a day that we give thanks for Steven being here with us. Please join us in this celebration of thanksgiving and accept our thanks for everyone’s steadfast support of our family.

The attached picture is from Steven's recent trip to the National Disabled Veterans Winter Clinic in Colorado. He had a great time!

The Schulz Family

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